I am currently taking 1-on-1 clients!

Who this is for:

  • a person that is ready for radical life change

  • a person who wants to get their health on back on track, on every level (body, mind & spirit), and are ready to eliminate toxins from their diet

  • a person that is committed to doing the work

  • a person that is craving a life guided by soul

  • a person that is willing to read, do homework, and go the extra mile in research with me

Who this is not for:

  • one time client consults

  • those who are not willing to do a daily practice of physical and spiritual rituals

  • those who are not ready to be radically self expressed and live a fully authentic life

  • anyone who doesn’t believe in things they can’t see/prove

  • anyone who doesn’t respect plant medicines and abuses substances for recreational purposes

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