I believe you have the keys within to unlock your wildest Dreams...
We will work together, through divination, intuition, discipline and communing with the Divine to create your Best Reality...

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You choose between a simple reading, an in depth question and answer spiritual coaching session, or a one-on-one approach to learning to read the cards yourself. Which way you would like to meet me? I will read your cards and help you process what they entail. Click below to set up a consultation. 

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Goddess Guidance

Everyone wants a personal patron, someone to guide them, support them, hear their prayers and rejoice with their victories. What does it meant to work with a deity? To put a name to one face of the Divine? Who is She?

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A Custom Course to fit your Interests

We will  work together to craft your ideal vision, and I will guide you through all the basics, until you feel you are ready to practice on your own.  Learn to craft your own rituals, incantations, spells & more...